Process Flow - Step 02

We use a modern technology to design and develop every web site. Project involves to client’s feedback and approval in every step of development.

We will show you a demo link to know what's going on. Site prototypes / demos are useful for two reasons. First, they are the best way to test site navigation and develop the user interface. The outcome is an eye catching creative, top quality web site which helps to improve your business without limits.

Few main steps here, such as web design, Web development, Content writing and more. The client can select a comprehensive array of existing styles, themes, motifs, and patterns. After developed the website, we do a quality test to make sure there are no broken links, broken pages, missing functionality, completed content and etc.

Web Development involves to the bulk of the programming work as well as loading content. Keep code organized and commented, and refer constantly to the planning details as the full website takes shape. Take a strategic approach and avoid future hassles by constantly testing as you go.

Here what we do at this stage - Build development framework, Code templates for each page type, Develop and test special features and interactivity, Fill with content, Test and verify links and functionality.