Web Hosting

Web hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to post a website or web page onto the Internet. As a web host, or web hosting service provider, Web Design Sri Lanka is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed in the Internet.

Our first step is to identify what clients exact needs are - with one eye on the future growth of your website - then chooses an appropriate plan at the right price.

Whether you're looking to build a website for yourself, a website for your small business now or for the future, a simple online store or just want to save money, moving to Web Design Sri Lanka who is a cheaper web hosting provider, we've got you covered.

Web Design Sri Lanka is the best all-rounder in the market and is able to service individuals and businesses of all sizes looking for Word Press or ecommerce hosting.

Not only we will customize our bid based on your needs, but also we have package rates that we’ve developed from our most common requests. That doesn’t mean your site will be simply thrown together. We’ll tailor the design to your target audience.

There are few types of web hosting that Web Development Sri Lanka provide

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is web hosting in which the provider houses multiple sites on a single server. For example, Site A shares the same server with Site B, Site C, Site D, and Site E.

VPS hosting

VPS hosting is similar to shared hosting in that multiple sites share the same server, but the similarities end there. A dedicated web host houses fewer sites per server than shared hosting, and each site has its own individual resources.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting, on the other hand, is both powerful and pricey. It's reserved for sites that require an incredible amount of server resources.

Word Press hosting

Word Press hosting is for people who want to build their sites on the back of the popular Word Press content management system (CMS).